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The Garage

The Pot Warehouse has expanded!

The Pot Warehouse is super excited to announce an extension to our beautiful store called “The Garage”.

The concept was formed to help our customers discover more than just beautiful pots and plants for their homes. We wanted to offer our customers beautiful pieces of furniture and homewares that can become instant statement pieces in their homes.

However, The Garage’s purpose is twofold:

1. We have filled the space with a selection of unique homewares, art and “one of pieces” for your home.

2. We also want to help and support our local community by creating a space for local artists, designers and business owners to showcase their pieces and businesses.

Do you have something you would like to showcase? If so, you can lease The Garage space for a few days or a few weeks.

Perhaps you have a workshop that you would like to run, or an exhibition to showcase, or a collection of unique items that you would like to share (sell) to the general public…..

The space is ready now – it’s beautifully decorated and can be adjusted to whatever purpose you may need. No long-term lock in’s, no expensive overheads. Just walk in and walk out. If you are interested simply drop us an email or pop in and check out The Garage.

Terms and conditions to showcase your products at The Garage

  • The hours and days you will be present during your pop-up period must be nominated.
  • We need one week in advance notice of booking.
  • Organisation of your own payment system required. Wi-Fi available for mobile eftpos system.
  • You can only trade between our business hours Monday-Saturday 10-4pm (set up can be done outside these hours with notice)
  • Any products placed in the space are your responsibility.
  • Flat rate of $50 per day or $280 per week. Monday-Saturday
  • Payment due at the beginning of your pop-up week.
  • We would like to nominate that both parties post at least three posts on social media during your pop-up period.
  • Must have public liability insurance (cheap short-term options available online), proof must be shown when signing contract.