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About us

I had always admired the tranquillity and beauty of plants but had never ventured beyond caring for a few houseplants. With a different career background and not familiar with running a business but a desire for a new challenge, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase the Pot Warehouse five years ago. Despite having no prior experience, my passion for greenery and a keen eye for interiors drove me to learn everything I could about plant care, retail management, and customer service.

Working with great friends, Rachel and Katie, made all the difference in creating a supportive team, together, we began to understand the ins and outs of running a plant/pot shop – from selecting the right plants and maintaining their health to picking the right pots and creating a welcoming atmosphere for our customers. Introducing the Pot Stylist to the business allowed us to connect with fantastic clients and embark on exciting projects.

Through hard work, continuous learning, and a genuine love for plants, I transformed my initial inexperience into a thriving business, proving that passion and perseverance could overcome any obstacle.

Maria xx